Are you one of the many people who shudder when you hear or see a Tarot Card Reader, or you maybe frightened of Tarot Cards, well let me put your mind at rest. It is fun and enjoyable, an experience that I believe everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

You can have a one to one reading with Paul, or why not have a Tarot  party in your house with your friends around you for comfort and support, this is where all your friends get a reading in the comfort of your home feeling safe and secure? You can also arrange to visit Paul at his luxury out of town treatment / therapy room in Wavertree with a waiting area that has a flat screen tv, free tea coffee and biscuits  and easy parking, our reception staff are the friendliest people around and willing to answer any of your questions.



What happens at a Tarot party

When Paul arrives  you would normally have a table set up for him and two chairs preferably in a quiet room, he does know this is not always possible. He brings all that he needs to dress the table so the ambience is just perfect, once Paul has set up he will go and introduce himself formally to you and your guests, then the party gets started. One by one he invites a guest to join him at the table, if the guest wants someone with them that is quite alright  Paul will read the palm and analyse  the hand writing.  Then when he has done all that he will read you cards. Paul is quite laid back and makes this a fun event, you will want to book him again and again.


You can book Paul to come and give a lecture about Tarot